ALPHAVILLE (Jean-Luc Godard)

  Godard’s mash-up of sci-fi, private eye and gangster genres is another unique example of his explorations into whatever is on his mind. This time it’s about love and communication, urban life, literature and social blight. The results are sometimes striking, sometimes funny, off-the-wall, sometimes annoying. Godard was in love with cinema above all, the perfect forum for pure expression. His passion, humor and creative control is stamped on every frame.


REPULSION (Roman Polanski)

  The producer just wanted a commercial low-budget horror-type film. But a young Polanski had more than that in mind. We know now that he is incapable of making anything merely conventional or average. REPULSION is a seriously unsettling psycho-drama, (his first in English) with a young Catherine Deneuve as a sensitive young girl who just goes over the edge.

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